Friday, November 11, 2011

Watch Me Butcher ... #1: Wonderwall (Oasis)

     My very first iMovie 09 movie!  Man it was a pain in the butt getting this off the ground.  Apple really doesn't make it easy to import AVCHD-Lite files to their program.  That's usually fine and dandy because of a wealth free conversion software, but everything I found wanted my money.  I wanted my money more as tempting as it was to end my pain and drop $300 for Final Cut Pro.  

     Sure, there's a lot of trail software out there, but I needed a permanent solution.  I finally found it though it required using a Windows PC and transferring files between the two computers.  First world problems, eh?  

     Then there was the issue of editing the audio file to sound halfway decent and not so quiet that I'd have to turn my sound all the way up to hear.  I caved into using compression and got some acceptable results.  Synching the audio to video was relatively easy compared to hassle of figuring out how the transition and effect system worked on iMovie; my only prior video editing experience was with Window Movie Maker on WinXP.  

     Anyway, enough said about this.  Stay tuned for the next video set to be released a week from now.  

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