Monday, November 7, 2011

Announcing: the "Watch Me Butcher" video series!

     Anyone who's come up to me after a show and asked me if I sing has been given the same response: "I can't sing."  That's silly.  Of course I can sing.  Do I sing well?  Not really.  Definitely not a year ago.  But I'd been hiding behind that excuse for a long time.  

Lighting test in my bathrobe
AKA blanket I wear around the house.

     It finally hit my impervious-to-common-sense brain that I wouldn't improve unless I practiced.  So I did.  Much as how I used YouTube to learn guitar and keyboards and drums and, well basically every instrument I play, the Internet proved to be an indispensable source of tips to get me started in the right direction.  Having some killer singer friends who freely gave tips helped even more.  

     Since my high school days of singing to Weezer records while driving (that's what we used to do to distraction ourselves before cell phones --> no joke, I had a bumper sticker that warned other drivers that I was singing) I was a fan of shamelessly harmonizing to whatever I heard.

     Fast forward to now when I'm in the process of recording EP II: Center but haven't made much progress because of my lack of skill in Audacity (I'm too cheap to shell out cash for ProTools, Logic, Reason, etc) holding me up.  Additionally, I wanted to up the quality of my video editing for future music videos but don't know anything outside of Windows Movie Maker on WinXP.  

     I have everything I need: a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot that records in HD, input preamps, a condenser, recording microphone, Audacity, iMovie 09, and a newly renovated studio to do the work (more on that come Wednesday).  The next step is to simply practice.  In the coming weeks, I'll be releasing some covers of tunes everyone covers.  They will be neither quality nor professional, rather good-humored sketches as I try to get a handle on steamlining all this tech.  

     Check back Friday for a blog post about the video if you haven't seen it floating around already!

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