Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning ... in Autumn (Part 2)

     I wanted to have two desks close to each other.  One would be dedicated for recording, mixing, and computer stuff while the other could be used for writing.  Yes, I still write by hand ... and in cursive.  Since I wanted to have Netflix running while I cleaned, the computer desk was the first to be set-up (you'll also notice that it's the only clean part of the room).  Not too much writing was going to get done.  The flatscreen monitor wasn't going to be used anymore so it's now in the guest room.  

I wonder NetFlix is loading now?

     I began cleaning stuff out of the closet like the quiver of skateboards and suit jackets (yes, a funny combination).  The stuffed animal in the top shelf was my very first stuffed animal bought from the Seoul Olympics.  It makes a squeaking noise that apparently made me cry when I was a baby (it might still: I'm just afraid to try).  The bookshelf in the foreground was filled with the textbooks mentioned in the previous post.  They all got thrown into the basement (AKA the library).  The shelves are now home to my show shoes and a whole bunch of music binders from my many musical endeavors.  

Yup.  Still a mess.

(For a goof, note all the little turtle gifts I've received over the years.  There are about nine turtles in this picture from a quick glance.  See if you can find them.)

Next week:  What the studio looks like now!

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