Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Owen Sound Canada

I like Canada.  I haven't gotten to travel there as much as I'd like: thus far, my experience has been limited mostly to touristy destinations, but I hope to explore the country more some day!

My trip to Owen Sound was a very pleasant one with some surprising scenery at that!

How awesome is it to have a playground with musical instruments?  I'm the xylophones being accompanied on percussion.  Surprisingly, no one was at the steel drums.

I make stupid faces when I know someone's taking my picture.  I'm performing at a private party on a beach at night.  The fire was burning well and the s'mores were delicious.  Could've used more chocolate but I digress.

Don't let the blue water fool you: this isn't some tropical island!  It's Lake Huron!  The water was so perfect for the hot day.

Up next: beachside bouldering!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The going on of what's going on.

As I write this, I'm waiting for the piano tuner to swing by while attempting to multi-task like a good product of the 21st century.  

My visit to our neighbors up north in Canada was great!  I really love the place and hope to play up there again in the near future.  

I'll be posting pictures in the following weeks.  Prepare to be surprised: some of the locales are far from what'd you'd expect from up north.  


I've nearly finished the album art for the quietly released keyboard EP, The Stupid Album.  It'll be added today, and I'll start production of the CDs shortly thereafter.  

Recording for EP II: Center (the continuation of my guitar material) is nearly complete.  It's set to be released on August 15!

That's all for now!  

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Open-Faced Sandwiches from the Past

After transferring pictures from my camera phone, I found some pictures I snapped of a couple of open-faced sandwiches I made a few months back. 


I don't remember exactly what went into this one, but it has BBQ pulled pork and (as you can see) a ton of veggies in a curry/hot sauce mix on the butt end of bread from a local bakery.  


Here's a heart-stopper with what I believe is chopped bacon, veggies in hot sauce, sliced avocado, and cream cheese on multigrain bread.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nature Walk

Several months back, I went on a walk through a neighboring wilderness.  It rained part way through the walk, but it was refreshingly nice being in a place that was quiet and secluded yet close to my house.  

During the walk, I snapped some pictures with my camera phone (hence the poor image quality) that I've compiled in the slideshow below.  

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making of CDs.

After scrounging around old computer parts (because I'm apparently incapable of throwing anything away - AKA responsibly recycling!), I found a LightScribe disc drive and installed it in my current desktop.  

I decided to use it to burn my own CDs.  OfficeMax happened to have a sale on Lightscribe discs for 50% off!  I messed up the first couple of CDs, but it was on the data side, not the graphics.  Here's how one came out:

First Lightscribed Disc!

Once I got a rhythm going, I was cranking them out at a rate of one CD every half hour.  

Copies of copies

I also had cardstock inserts made for the jewel cases.  The final result wasn't too shabby for DIY CDs.  Though it was time-consuming, it all turned out to be significantly cheaper than getting them professionally done.  

Catch me in person, and you can see/get one first-hand!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Soft tacos and no one to share them with!

I made some soft tacos a few weeks ago and just found the pictures.  

Tasty soft-tacos.

Flour Tortillas
Mexican Cheese Mix
Red Onions
Black Beans
Bell Peppers
Scrambled Eggs
Chunky Taco Sauce
Freshly Cut Avocado

No sour cream, but it was probably healthier that way. : )