Friday, August 5, 2011

Novel Music Tech #1: The guitar that folds in half??

     I've always been a fan of the novel.  That certainly rings true for musical instruments and gadgets too.  This post is #1 of what hope will be an ongoing series of cool music gear.  While the majority of the stuff I'll be posting is stuff I'll never buy/be able to afford, I'll put in a word for the stuff I actually manage to get my hands on.  

First up is something that I actually own, a Voyage Air Guitar!

Ok.  Great. It's an acoustic guitar.  What's so great about it?  This:

Then it fits into a nifty case like this:

Close the lid and you get this:

Even better, it fits the size requirements for carry-on luggage on an airplane.

Not exactly being an impulse buyer, I did some research.  There wasn't all too much about it that was terribly useful.  An official review from Musicians Friend helped (link) as did seeing approval from renowned guitarists like Don Alder (link) and Tommy Emmanuel (link).

I bought a used, out of production model (AKA savings).  I had to change the tuners and install my own pickups (link to blog post), but it's a decent guitar now.  The strings are spaced nicely though the frets feel rough on the sides.  The rig doesn't go as out of tune as much as you'd think.  Even with my alternate tunings, I can always tell what tuning I was in.  Adjustments are minor.

The sound's decent but it has neither the depth nor a powerful percussion body I like on my guitars, but for a travel guitar, it sounds great.  Honestly, it beats out the tone of many guitars above its price range.  

I've done countless gigs with it and went through my babying phase pretty quickly.  It is prone to damage a bit easily: the body is the only thing that has a coat of gloss, but it doesn't strike me as something that'll be withering from old age any time soon.  With some work, it's become a worthy addition to my quiver.

Check them out here:

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