Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Biking and parkour combined?

     There are many ways of expressing oneself creatively.  This video really caught my eye as an incredibly beautiful expression of that fact.  

     As a longboard skateboarder (of course, nowhere near the level of proficiency this guy has!), I can personally attest to how doing sports like these changes the way you see the world around you.  Go on a drive with a longboarder and you'll see him oogle and crane his/her head at the sight of hills you pass by like a 17-year old seeing a scantily-clad supermodel.  

     Though nowhere near an all-encompassing definition, for me, a large aspect of art stems from the artist's the ability to see the world from unique perspective and express it in a way that helps others come to appreciate the paradigm shift without the need of long-winded explanations (like the one I'm writing here).  Case in point, Danny Macaskill transformed what most people would dismiss as an abandoned train yard into a playground for his bike.

     With these kinds of videos, it's easy to over-glorify the acts being portrayed.  There was no non-diegetic music playing while Macaskill rode.  He had to have messed-up many times while practicing these skills.  The story told in the video was of a lone rider solitary in his craft, however, there was obviously someone manning the camera.  Point being that the video editing quite successfully told a story, enhanced the experience, and allowed we the mainstream to view the biking in a way that is entertaining and accessible.  

     Really though, this post was probably just a lame excuse to show a couple of cool videos, so while I'm at it ...

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