Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Owen Sound Canada

I like Canada.  I haven't gotten to travel there as much as I'd like: thus far, my experience has been limited mostly to touristy destinations, but I hope to explore the country more some day!

My trip to Owen Sound was a very pleasant one with some surprising scenery at that!

How awesome is it to have a playground with musical instruments?  I'm the xylophones being accompanied on percussion.  Surprisingly, no one was at the steel drums.

I make stupid faces when I know someone's taking my picture.  I'm performing at a private party on a beach at night.  The fire was burning well and the s'mores were delicious.  Could've used more chocolate but I digress.

Don't let the blue water fool you: this isn't some tropical island!  It's Lake Huron!  The water was so perfect for the hot day.

Up next: beachside bouldering!


  1. wow who knew canada could be so beautiful!
    if i ever manage to get my butt across the atlantic again ill make it a mission ^^
    hope you had a wonderful time!

  2. It really is! Definitely worth making a trip out of it.

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