Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making of CDs.

After scrounging around old computer parts (because I'm apparently incapable of throwing anything away - AKA responsibly recycling!), I found a LightScribe disc drive and installed it in my current desktop.  

I decided to use it to burn my own CDs.  OfficeMax happened to have a sale on Lightscribe discs for 50% off!  I messed up the first couple of CDs, but it was on the data side, not the graphics.  Here's how one came out:

First Lightscribed Disc!

Once I got a rhythm going, I was cranking them out at a rate of one CD every half hour.  

Copies of copies

I also had cardstock inserts made for the jewel cases.  The final result wasn't too shabby for DIY CDs.  Though it was time-consuming, it all turned out to be significantly cheaper than getting them professionally done.  

Catch me in person, and you can see/get one first-hand!

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