Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nam @ NAMM 2012 (Part 3)

Things have been busy, so I've been putting-off posting these pictures for a while.

Pictured below is me with one of my biggest influences, Thomas Leeb. I happened upon him during one of my many visits to the Lowden Guitar booth (more on Lowden later). He gave a short but sweet performance and was very approachable and friendly!

We chatted for a bit, he listened to some of my playing and gave some compliments (I'm reminded of that scene from Wayne's World when Wayne and Garth meet Alice Cooper ... who was also at the NAMM show), and even let me play his signature model guitar!

NAMM was full of other surprises like bumping into Stevie Wonder ... three times! Other greats like Eric Johnson, Andy McKee, Sheila E, Horatio "El Negro" Sanchez, and countless others were there.

I also got to try out some wacky gadgets like the Infinite Response VAX77 keyboard which is a folding keyboard.

One of my most fun jams occurred at the Vintage Vibe booth where another keyboardist and I jammed on a bunch of jazz standards and accumulated a pretty good crowd. These were a lot of fun!

Ah, and of course, I can't end this post without mentioning the wonderful people at Lowden Guitars. This was hands-down my favorite booth at the Winter 2012 NAMM Show. I visited them every day because I simply could not get enough of George Lowden's guitars! The sound and feel are sublime. On the right, you can see two of their prototype fan fret models *drool*. They also had a gorgeous African Blackwood guitar that was a truly impressive sound canon. George's family was delightful and very patient in answering my questions and letting me play these dreamy guitars. One day, I hope to own a Lowden!

Overall, my time at the NAMM show was great. I regret not taking more pictures, but there was so much to do! I can't wait to go again and really make the most of my time there!

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