Sunday, October 16, 2011

October highlights

     October is proving to be a busy month!  With music going on seven nights a week, I reached a point where I realized I was spreading myself too thin.  I was compromising quality musicianship for the sake of a shallow, machine-like efficiency, and it was showing in my playing.  The month has been a gradual process of simplifying my life and re-evaluating my priorities.

Baller status backstage?
(Photo: Nick H.)
     That said, the beginning of October marked my debut at the Kennedy Center with, appropriately enough, the very people who inspired me to pursue music.  The place was decorated lavishly like a high-end 1950's jazz club and the music was well-received.

(Photo: Cesar C.)

Jazzin sound check.
(Photo: Cesar C.)
Hard Rock, hard to miss.
(Photo: Cesar C.)

     Later that week, I made my debut with the group formerly known as the Sobriquets now named The Way Home.  The venue of choice was the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia, and we shared the stage with Hamburger Hunt and the Folkadelics.

The Way Home's debut.
(Photo: Cesar C.)
Two hands, two keyboards.
(Photo: Cesar C.)
     There are some projects I'm sad to be leaving and others I'm excited to see blossom.  Unfortunately, relatively little attention has gone to my original material as far as releasing all this music I've been writing for the past while.  Once I have everything catalogued and streamline my recording techniques, expect to see some new content out little by little.

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