Thursday, October 20, 2011

Endy photo shoot.

     Ever see the movie Zoolander?  Yeah, I think it's funny too.  The vain model, idiots viewed through a TV a screen at least ... three times that size, ambiturning, mind-reading bulimia, internal computers, mermen, etc.  But Earth to Hansel ... *sigh* ... alright.  I'll say it.  Modeling isn't easy.  Ok, sure at its core, modeling is easy.  You stand still, you get a picture taken, model.  Right?  

     As it turns out, I'm camera shy when it comes to getting my picture taken by someone I'd just met (in person) whilst shooting outdoors in a public place.  No pressure, right?  That said, young photographer Nathaniel Dodson of Endy Photography ( did a great job in making my first outing feel loose, informal and more animated than the cardboard cutout I initially felt like.  He was very friendly, patient, and conversational.  

     Three years my junior, Nathaniel is quite the accomplished and ambitious character.  His talents are wide and varied, but one thing is clear: he hates mediocrity and doesn't settle to just be "good enough." His hard work and perseverance shows.  He put his all into the photo shoot.  

    The session went on for a while, and the change in lighting (or lack thereof) lead to some interesting experiments and some really cool concept photos that didn't pan out the way we'd hoped.  He did a fantastic job of making due with with my complete lack of modeling talent, so I'd highly encourage you to check out his website (link) to really see what he can do!

("Obey my dog.")

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