Sunday, June 12, 2011

Help me! I've been living under a rock!

It's been an incredibly productive past few weeks holed up here in my Batcave.  My EP is ready to be released for purchase and download this week!  I'm wrapping up some finishing touches before releasing it for anyone to buy.  Physical CDs won't be in for another few weeks however, but once they are on the way, I'll resume playing shows!

Car all packed up in Burtonsville, MD.

Of course, I have the Grounds for Music festival right here in my home town coming up this Father's Day weekend as well as a private birthday party in Philly followed by a recording session in Washington DC for a jazz group.  I've also begun work on recording demos for my keyboard compositions!  If all goes as planned, it'll be released after my second EP which also is in the works!

My 6-year old laptop functioning as my recording studio.

Unfortunately, the boring administrative stuff still isn't over, and I'll probably be spending more time on the computer keyboard than the musical one as I still have a lot of stuff to write-up and plan, but it's all going toward moving forward!

Aliens playing on the monitor there + both kinds of keyboards and the tablet.

Well, time to wrap-up my night with some mindless video games, feed my brain some books, and fall asleep to a documentary.  Gotta rest up for the week ahead!

Love and Peace,

"Sheltered Turtle"


  1. gotta love cramped work spaces *know all about that hehe*
    youve been so busy! let me know when your cds are available for sale so i can snatch one up ^^

  2. You've been making the most out of it though! Enjoying the works you've been releasing and looking forward to more! If you didn't get the E-mail, the EP is available to download through my website!