Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yet another reason why I love where I live!

I returned from a weekend scuttling around the Philly/MD/DC area late at night to see some little creatures in my driveway.  Here are a couple of pictures I snapped before parking my car:


Dos chupacabras?  

There were actually three fox pups!  The next morning, I woke-up to see some motion in the grass in my backyard.  All three pups were playing with their watchful mother nearby!

What a fox.  Literally.

Blurry picture, but all three of them chasing after each other and playing around.  Aww.

          Tonight and tomorrow, I'll continue preparing for an extended stay in the PA/DC/MD area playing shows in Philly, Ellicott City, Washington DC, and Baltimore before coming back.  After that, I plan on testing out some new recording techniques to get better quality videos and finally release some new material.  Also, a special shout-out to everyone who joined my new mailing list!

Love and Peace,



  1. hey heenry!
    wow i am really jealous - i absolutely love foxes and the fact you have three babies living in your background! gah :P

    sounds to me like youre going to be incredibly busy for the forseeable future, i hope youll still be able to update your blog on the road and let us know how your shows are going!
    do you have one city youre looking forward to more than others?

  2. They are too cute! Wish I could pet and play with them, but I know better, haha.

    I plan on keeping this as up-to-date as possible! As far as where I'd like to play, I'm open to all sorts of places that want my music, but it'd be nice to start with cities where I have friends (hint hint)! Always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand.