Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cleaning out a Squier

The first guitar in my household was a Squier Strat purchased by my brother.  He ultimately decided that guitar wasn't for him, so he gave it to me.  I played around with it, but I never really did much - I wasn't really interested in guitar at the time.  

Fast forward a decade.  Now I play guitar but never really dabbled in electric.  I stumbled upon the Squier again and decided to give it a good cleaning and restringing.  

The patient.

Dust, rust, and one screw short of a Happy Meal.

It hadn't been strung correctly, so the strings had to be cut.

Ready for the operation.

Open sesame.

What a mess.

After cleaning everything out, I cleaned the grimy fretboard, polished the body, polished the bridge, put everything back together, and restrung it properly.  Now it looks like any ol Fender Squier.  It needs some adjusting still, but it's playable now!

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